The elite competitor program™
is your daughter...
Stuck in a playing slump?

Frustrated with her performance?

Playing great in practice, then falling apart in games?

Doubting herself?

Fearing failure?

Lacking confidence?

Wanting to play at the next level, but her mental game is holding her back?

This is the program that is already changing the game for female athletes by taking them from frustration, overwhelm, and falling short to feeling confident on and off the court/field.



What's Included In The Elite Competitor Program?

Weekly Live Trainings 

8 weeks of live training calls with the girls in which they learn the foundations of becoming a confident and resilient athlete. After 8 weeks, players transition to bi-weekly meetings for mini-lessons, support, and accountability until December. 

Actionable and Relevant Activities

Players will have actionable tasks and activities that they can put into practice right away (even without a court or competitions!).

Guided Visualizations + Meditations

Athletes have unlimited access to all guided visualizations and meditations straight to their phone or device to use anytime, anywhere!

Accountability Catch-ups

Each training, athletes are held accountable for the goals and tasks they set out to accomplish after the previous training. Accountability is key to making any change.

Free Access To All Workshops

Athletes have free access to all past, current, and future workshops and trainings that I develop. 

A Community of Similar Athletes

The groups are kept small and are made up of athletes of similar age and stage in their volleyball careers, helping them to relate and learn from one another.

"My favorite part is working with small groups and having a support system." 

-Jenna (15) Volleyball and Equestrian Team 

Athletes At All Levels Want...

  • To feel confident
  • ​To feel like the hard work they put into their sport is paying off
  • ​To be able to play at the next level (the next club team, high school, college, etc)
  • ​To be leaders
  • ​To believe in themselves every time they step onto the court/field

This is where The Elite Competitor Program Comes In!

Fact: Athletes can have all the physical training, equipment, and practice in the world...but if we don't train the mind, they will never reach their fullest potential. 

"I would say my biggest challenge [before The Elite Competitor Program] was a lack confidence and worrying too much about what my coaches were thinking." 

-Amanda (16), Volleyball Player

The Elite Competitor Program Is For Your Daughter If...

  • She struggles with confidence on or off the court
  • She is constantly feeling overwhelmed and that she can't meet the expectations of herself or others.
  • She is so hard on herself that she expects perfection...and falls apart when she doesn't get it.
  • ​She is working hard on her game (lessons, practices, etc), but it doesn't seem to click on the court/field. 
  • ​She plays great in practice, but falls apart under the pressure of the game. 
  • ​Lets mistakes cause her to spiral or crumble. 
  • ​She wants to play at the next level, but can't seem to get past the mental blocks in the way. 

"She struggles with self confidence on the court and I knew no matter what I said to her, it wasn't enough. She needed support from someone other than her mom. She needed to learn how to combat negative self talk."

-Tonya, mom of Morgan (16), Volleyball Player

A Breakdown Of The First 8 Weeks Of The Elite Competitor Program!

Week 1: The Kick-Off
Where it all begins! Week one is all about exploring what's possible. We set big dreams, intentional goals, and get out of our comfort zones in order to grow. We start to scratch the surface of how powerful our minds are and begin new habits and routines!

Week 2: It's All In Your Head! 
In week two, we take a deep dive into how our thoughts lay the foundation for all the results we get in life. We learn how to access our subconscious brain through visualization, affirmations, mindfulness, and breathing so that we can create the results that we desire. 

Week 3: Crushing Limiting Beliefs
Building off of week 2, we continue to dive into the thoughts that hold us back. The ones that have been so engrained in us, that sometimes we aren't even aware of them! We learn how to identify limiting beliefs and change the story for ourselves to get closer to our goals!

Week 4: What You Say Matters
In week 4, we continue to explore how confidence is directly linked to the inner dialogue inside our heads. We take a serious look at the self-talk that is going on inside of us, and learn the types of self-talk needed to develop confidence on and off the court!

Week 5: Take Back Your Time!
Week 5 is all about taking back control of your time and energy. When you take responsibility for how you spend your time, are intentional with skills and strategies to achieve your goals, you start to make progress and the overwhelm starts to fade! We also learn how to manage stress in healthy and productive ways.

Week 6: Routines Are Everything
In this week, we establish pre-game and post-game routines as well as identify our "hype" number that we need to be at before stepping foot on the court/field so that we can turn pressure into motivation! We learn specific strategies to handle nerves and to ensure consistent performance every time we play.

Week 7: Overcoming Failure
In week 7, we learn how to create recovery systems to respond to the big and little mistakes that can derail our performance. We will learn how to get past failure and see mistakes through a new lens! This is where we also touch on something that almost all female athletes struggle with: perfectionism. 

Week 8: Becoming a Leader
Now that you have a solid foundation of mental training skills, it's time to learn how to make everyone else around you better! We learn how our inner thoughts, actions, and presence impacts our teammates and how to step into leadership roles!

After 8 weeks, players transition to meeting every other week as part of the Elite Competitor Insiders Program where they gain ongoing support, accountability, group coaching, and mental training mini-lessons until December. 


  • ​Q&A Sessions Covering Your Athlete's Common Struggles
  • ​Guest Speakers
  • ​1:1 Coaching Opportunities and Guidance
  • ​Mentorship That Will Last Your Daughter's Entire Playing Career and Beyond

"The weekly, now biweekly, meetings help to teach her about accountability and commitment to herself and her team/group. She always comes away having learned something new. She leaves those meetings inspired, with a little extra pep in her step."

-Jamie, mom of Marissa (13), Volleyball Player

Recap: What's Included?

8 weeks of transformative, life-changing, expert mental training lessons 

(VALUE: $4,000)

4 months of access to The Elite Competitor Insiders Program 
(Bi-Weekly Live calls for support, accountability, community, and mini-lessons)

(VALUE: $3,000)

20+ Hours of LIVE calls to get personalized support

(VALUE $10,000)

Community group for questions + accountability

(VALUE $1,000)

Worksheets to stay accountable and get the most out of trainings 

(VALUE $1,000)

Daily mentorship through voice memo and texts

(VALUE $1,000)

Personal Log-In and access to all lessons/guided visualizations/lessons

(VALUE $1,000)

Guest Coaching Calls 

(VALUE $2,000)

BONUS: Elite Competitor Program Welcome Pack!
Fun journal, sticker, and other goodies to kick-start your training!

(VALUE $100)




P.S. Your daughter can have all the private lessons, equipment, and training in the world, but without the right mindset, it's all for nothing. 

"I choose to sign Chiara up for the Elite Competitor program because I believe through mental training and awareness she will be able to figure out whatever life throws her way, on and off the court."

-Karis, mom of Chiara (12), Volleyball Player



At the end of my senior year of high school, I disappointed everyone. At least that’s how it seemed from my perspective. It was May 2007 and I decided that I didn’t want to play volleyball in college. Leading up to that point, I had been playing on club teams and for my high school. Going to all the big tournaments, getting seen. My coaches were helping me get recruited. I had been on a few visits to colleges, and had a few scholarship offers. It was a given that I was going to play somewhere after high school. “It would be a waste of talent not to!” I was told. It was only a matter of choice. “Where will she choose to go? Which offer will she take?” 

When it came time to decide, I was nervous to tell everyone. 

I was done playing volleyball. I wanted to just go to college. Be a “normal” student at Western Washington University. 

I couldn’t put my finger on it at the time. I was just done. 

So I told everyone the classic line. 

“I think I’m burned out. I’m going to focus on my academics.”

Disappointment. Sentiments were echoed from coaches and my parents. 

“Are you sure?”
“As long as you’re happy, though…” they’d say. 

Fast forward to college, after my freshman year. I realized a big part of my heart was missing. Knowing I was at an extreme disadvantage, I reached out to the volleyball coach WWU. “Any chance you have any spots open?”To my surprise, she offered me a tryout. Then, a spot on the team. 

The next 3 years, I embraced my role, and worked hard for a team, program, and coaches that I came to love. 

I have no regrets about where that path led me. Playing for one of the top DII volleyball programs in the nation, under coaches who I admire and I still maintain close contact with, and with players who have become some of my best friends has no doubt been one of the best experiences of my life. 

However, as I look back on my decision to not play after high school in the first place, I can now see with clarity why I made that choice. 

Lack of confidence. 

Which led to fear. 

Fear of the unknown. 
Fear of failure.
Fear of not performing to my potential and letting everyone down. 

My fear and lack of confidence in my abilities got in the way. 

I listened, and believed the inner critic telling me that I wasn’t good enough. 

My coaches, parents, and mentors in my life all told me that I was good. 

Told me that I had nothing to fear. 

The problem?

Subconsciously, I didn’t believe it. 

And no matter how hard we try, if our subconscious brain isn’t in alignment, we will always be fighting an impossible battle. 

Our subconscious will always win. 

It’s the way we’re wired. 

The good news?

This part of our brain can be changed, and trained. 


"She is a lot more confident in her goals and has realized that her abilities have nothing to do with anyone else’s opinion of her."

-Meghan, mom of Peyton (14), Basketball and Volleyball Player

Who is The Elite Competitor Program™ for?
The Elite Competitor Program™ is designed for 15-22 year old female athletes who desire to play at the next level (in high school or beyond). These athletes are competitors. They have a strong desire to improve and play at a high level, but also struggle with confidence and performance issues that hold them back. Inconsistent play or inability to respond quickly after a mistake keep them inside a frustrating loop. The Elite Competitor Program addresses these issues and gives players the skills and confidence to break the cycle and start playing to potential. 

How does The Elite Competitor Program™ work?
Players participate in weekly live training calls together for eight consecutive weeks in which they learn the foundational skills to developing confidence and resiliency on and off the court. 

After that, players transition into the Elite Competitor Insiders Program with other ECP graduates in which they participate in bi-weekly calls for support, accountability, Q&A sessions, community, guest speakers, and mental training mini-lessons.

All trainings are recorded so that athletes can watch after if they cannot make a training call. However, it is expected that athletes make the training calls in order to benefit the most from the process. 

How much time commitment is The Elite Competitor Program™?
Training calls are one hour.
The other activities take a minimum of 10 minutes a day. Some activities may require 15-30 minutes of time before the next meeting. 

How long is The Elite Competitor Program™?
The Elite Competitor Program™ is a 4 month long mentorship.

Change, especially of our mindset, takes time. For this reason, there is a 4 month commitment to the program in order to guarantee the results. 

When are the training meetings?
Right now, trainings are scheduled for Wednesdays from 4-5pm PST. 

Do I need any equipment/materials?
Zoom is best used on a computer. It is easy to install and set up-there will be a link provided in a welcome email. 

Athletes and parents need an email address and need to check email for the training link and homework/activities. 

It is recommended that athletes have a journal/notebook specifically used for The Elite Competitor Program™.

How do I sign up?
Simple! Sign up at the top or bottom of this page. Get registered. Reach out if you have any questions. 

Why now?
Every athlete in the nation has been impacted by COVID19. Many are now either still without their sport, or slowly transitioning back to it. Now, more than ever, these athletes need direction. A time to refocus, reframe, and work on their mental game as they re-enter their sport. This is the absolute perfect time for athletes to focus their attention on what they can control: their mind. 

What do I have to lose?
Lose the endless cycle of not playing to potential. 

Lose the self-doubt and negative self-talk. 

Lose the excuses of poor performance. 

Lose the pain of seeing your daughter struggling to figure out what to do without the skills to respond to adversity. 

The Elite Competitor Program™ gives us the opportunity to lose all of that. 

The program is designed to be an affordable and effective way to access mental training. 

As I've mentioned before, the cost of inaction and lost time is significantly higher and harder to swallow. 

Don't lose more time NOT working on the mental side of the game. 

This unique opportunity, at this special discounted price, won't happen again. 

The results are in. This program works. 

"My biggest transformation from this program has been how excited I am to get back to volleyball because I am much more confident and my abilities. I've also noticed how my thoughts have become a lot more positive when doing workouts and other hard challenges. 

I would tell others players to join this program. It doesn't just help for volleyball, but also in other aspects of your life. It has helped me to improve my mindset and my confidence in myself. It may take a while but it is definitely worth it and you'll see a lot of growth in the long run."

-Amanda (16), Volleyball Player

“Mindset coaching helped me feel more sure of myself and better able to combat negative self talk, recognize when my mindset was slipping and stop it. I’ve gained strategies to keep my mind at peak performance which has really helped me practice harder and learn more from every rep. My confidence is more rooted in the process of improving rather than outcome, playing time, etc, and thus more consistent.”

-Alicia (19), Volleyball Player

"Morgan has learned how to cope with her own negative self talk on the court and off the court. Her confidence on the court started improving almost instantly after attending the online meetings. I noticed her ability to bounce back after a bad play. But what stood out most was her leadership on the court. She turned into a team player who gave so much positive feedback to her teammates during the matches and at practice. I loved seeing this transformation. The tools Breanne provides are so helpful. One of Morgan's goals going into this was she wanted to become more of a leader and I definitely saw her do exactly that."

-Tonya, mom of Morgan (16), Volleyball Player

"My takeaway from this program is how important it is to have a good mindset during a game. [The Elite Competitor Program] made more confident and a team leader." 


"[Before The Elite Competitor Program], it was hard for me to forget my mistakes and move on from the past, I would blame myself a lot. The program helped me with these challenges because I was able to realize that I was not alone. [ECP] helped me see how to fix my problem and why I was having those problems." 

-Jenna (15), Volleyball and Equestrian Team

"I have noticed her ability to move through difficult situations, with her school work, change dramatically. She’s able to remain calm and focused in times where she used to get frustrated and maybe even a little emotional. I've seen a boost in her confidence when communicating with friends as well."

-Jamie, mom of Marissa (13), Volleyball Player

"The meditations have helped me calm myself when it comes to my challenges." 


"I cannot say enough about The Empowered Mind and Breanne Smedley. 

 I have coached my middle school daughter in CYO since a very young age. I've watched her struggle with perfectionism and handling mistakes for many years. One mistake on the court would be OK but then if there were more or if the stakes were high, I would watch her emotionally spiral out of control. Many times, I wondered if she even liked volleyball because it seemed like it made her unhappy so often. 

 Lydia started Bre’s Empowered Mind program in January. Already I have seen a significant improvement in her resiliency on the court. Our last tournament I saw a sequence of a three mistakes, then saw her shake it off and then make great plays. Since she’s not in her own head, this also freed her up to be a leader on the court. 

Additionally, athletes work on visualization skills. Lydia wanted to improve her jump serve. Our last tournament she served 8 in a row, most of them aces, she likely would have served more but she aced game point. 

 If your daughter has the desire to be an elite athlete, a strong mental foundation is imperative to achieving that. I would encourage any parent to sign their child up, resiliency during challenges is a life skill that goes way beyond the court.  

-Sherri, mom of Lydia (12), Volleyball Player 

"My biggest challenge [coming into the program] would have been my mindset controlling my actions. I let walls that challenged me stop me instead of working around them. 

The Elite Competitor Program has helped me find better ways to deal with negative thoughts and have different ways to calm my mind. My biggest takeaway from ECP is that I feel more confident in my mentality and am ready to take it onto the court

My favorite part is sharing and hearing other people's experiences. I like to hear what other people deal with and how they plan to cope. It also helps me get out of my comfort zone a little."

-Bekah (19), Basketball Player

"[The Elite Competitor Program] has been engaging for my daughter and it gives her another perspective. Plus, it's not me telling her these things, it's coming from you."

-Dori, mom of Taylor (14), Basketball Player

"My daughter is seemingly a very resilient and positive girl, however, I know we are all human and speak over 20,000 words a day to ourselves. Our minds are evolving and adapting to our environment all day everyday and I fully believe training the mind is many times even more important than skill development in a sport. It is my hope that being apart of sports during her growing up years will provide Chiara the skills to mentally and physically believe in her ability to adapt, be resilient, and feel empowered in her own skin, allowing her to become the woman she is meant to be and love her self fully."

Before the Elite competitor program I viewed Chiara's reaction to mistakes as negative, I could see her get frustrated with herself, and then allow those mistakes to multiply

While being apart of the program for the past 4 months I have watched Chiara become aware of her reaction to mistakes, she now uses those mistakes as a learning experience. I love being able to observe her facial expressions and know she has chosen to change the story in her mind about how she talks to herself about the mistakes, allowing her mind and body to be ready for the next play. As part of the program she is able to talk to Coach Bre every other week about specific scenarios with skills, interaction with players, and strategies for how to change the story, allowing her for quick implementation and practicing of new strategies before those negative habits become ingrained patterns."

-Karis, mom of Chiara (12), Volleyball & Soccer Player

"My biggest takeaway has been now when I get frustrated with things, I know how to breathe through it."

-Aleena (15), Basketball Player

"My favorite part of the program is being able to share and see how other people cope and deal with their negative thoughts."

-Bekah (19), Basketball Player

"I've been really impressed with the techniques that Bre teaches. I think all people can benefit from resiliency and mindfulness training."

-Sherri, mom of Lydia (12)

"If you have any doubt or if you’re trying to guess “should I put my daughter through the program?” The answer is absolutely. It is a life changer and a game changer."

-Jodie, Mom and Coach of ECP Athletes

"This helped me be more confident in playing basketball, talking to people, and pretty much everything in life..."

-Aleena (15), Basketball Player

"A transformation that I experienced was that I had more motivation during the day."

-Marissa, (13), Volleyball Player


Next program opens mid-2020. Join the waitlist to reserve your spot! 


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